Our philosophy is clear:

We bet on mobility in cities and a quality public service.
We are committed to innovation in a sector, that of the taxi, which must compete in terms of quality, safety and professionalism.
We are involved in union projects of different fleets of taxis improving the service to the user.
We absolutely support the independence and strategies of each of our clients.
We offer the user a high quality standard. Only the best professionals fit in eTaxi.

Definitely, our client is each of the fleets, issuing or taxi companies that wish to offer their users the most advanced resources.

Since 2009, we have marked a path. eTaxi was the first company that detected in the taxi sector, globally, the need to provoke an evolution, which later turned into a revolution.

In recent years, cities have seen a huge transformation with the arrival of new and gigantic technology companies that have caused, among other things, a paradigm shift for the user in terms of mobility.

These companies, with their business model, more akin to that of a transport company than to purely technological, have not only been harmful in a public sector with which they have faced viscerally. They have also caused the acceleration of the evolution indicated above, in addition to showing the way forward that new users of the 21st century demand.


As eTaxi, we are at the antipodes of the strategy and philosophy of these large companies. These are supported by the business unit that is the service and mass user. eTaxi relies on an increasingly advanced, modern and rejuvenated sector, convinced that, after the tsunami  caused by these companies, the user, thanks to the tools that he can count on, will return to the public transport of the taxi, guarantor of professionalism, security and omnipresent service.